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My account, games, or drafts have disappeared. Now what should I do?



  • Ameer UsamA

    My crati games 

  • Ege Okan

    Hi, Struckd community. I have some problems in my anonymous account. I can't play my own sended to Struckd community (not draft) games. Bug happenes; sky changes colour, other characters disappears, sometimes everywhere becomes colour pink. My games can be weird, help me about “Should i banned cause of creating weird games?” or “Can i save my own games (weird ones) as a draft?”.

    What should i do for fixing?

  • Belajar Duluvano

    Gimana caranya mengubah nama karakter avatarku di struckd. soalnya dipunyaku tidak ada! Di HP!!

  • yoshidea

    Cuando iba a publicar mi juego me apareció un cartel para iniciar sesión con unity, yo me registre y desapareció mi juego y mis logros :(


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